13 June 2010

Lynne and Tessa made a commercial Trailer for a new game for the Wii computer. As a side product this Karaoke Video was published.

18 Feb 2009

Tessa Watzik made an interview in an German TV format in February 2008 about her career as internet starlet. You can find the video with English synchronization here.

22 Jan 2008

Steffen Nork informed me that he plan to delete his old blogs form hos old website and I should save the interview with Lynne & Tessa. This was done. You find two of the interviews in english now here. A third interview is only available in german.

The Battle of the Websites

First Website

Lynne and Tessa's websites have served as the primary gathering point for the L&T community since their inception. This page describes the history and evolution of these websites. It describes how Lynne & Tessa came to eventually have three websites, two forums, and two Newsblog, and how in the end those sites became a focal point for a bitter feud involving the various principals. Only information that has already appeared in the public domain -- either in a forum, Newsblog, or elsewhere -- has been used in this report.

Lynne and Tessa had no official website at the time they first became active in the Google Idol forum, but fans there pressed them to create one. At the 30 May. 2006, a fan registered the domain name lynneundtessa.de, but the site consisted only of a picture of the video mistresses and an embedded Google Video player. Lynne & Tessa contacted the owner to add more content, but nothing happened, so L&T decided to create their own website. To ensure their continued privacy, Tessa contacted someone she trusted (we'll refer to him here as "Mr. X") to acquire a domain for them in his name. Since the domain lynneundtessa.de was taken, they chose the domain name lynnetessa.de for their new website. The lynnetessa.de site was launched on June 21, 2006. The fan website lynneundtessa.de stopped showing the picture of the girls and today there is only a redirection to google.de

Neither Lynne nor Tessa had any experience with creating a website, so their initial site was put together using an online site-creation tool supplied by their service provider. They soon realized that the website was not adequate for their rapidly growing fan base.

A Student, "Mr. Z" made after he discovered the Videos of the both girls a website for them. He mailed them to Lynne and Lynne liked it. Since Tessa had no internet knowledge of all, it took 2 days of training to upload the new design. Then they discovered, that the website used PHP and their Webspace does not includes PHP Support. Then he changed it to HTML. On the 23.6.2006 this modified website gone online. In the next days Mr. Z was instructed by Tessa to change the content and to add news.

At the same time, a web designer (we'll refer to him here as "Mr. Y"), contacted them and offered to put together and manage a suitable site for them. X liked Y, which was owner of a company which made Designs and Web Presentations. Lynne did not see why they need another Person, but X and Tessa over voted her. Mr. Y acquired the domain names Lynne-Tessa.de and lynne-tessa.com for this purpose on the 29 June 2006. He used a dedicated server. L&T then redirected their domain to his site.

Second Website

Y took the design of Z, modified it in small parts (Text font and Border) and inserted his name as Copyright. Y apologized for the use of his design at Z, and Y changed the website again back to PHP. Now it was easily possible to insert news. The content (Text) of the website was the same as in their first homepage. Only some pictures were added. The Update of the website was done by Z for about 1 month, he inserted the news Tessa mailed him, then Tessa stopped with that, and nobody felt responsible for updating the website. Tessa asked Z to create some logos and headers for the Forum and Blog and he did. Some Designs of him were used in the L&T Shop which later came to Lynne-tessa.de. Here is a link to his version of the website. So the only active Part of Y in the web was to install the standard products phpbb and wordpress on the website and replace some images through designs made by Z. After his own opinion he spend much more work on consultation of lawyers and talking with potential interests in L&T.

Y told me later that the system should be changed from PHP back to HTML, when nobody updated the website. But since Z left L&T after Tessa did not maild him new Suggestions for some months nobody made this, although je was the owner of a company for Web Design. The Lynne-tessa.de was not updated after the July 24 for about 2 Months. Lynntessa.de was used in that time only as an redirection to lynne-tessa.de

At first, things ran smoothly. On July 1, 2006, a forum was installed on lynne-tessa.com, and on July 24, a Newsblog was added to Lynne-Tessa.de. At the same time, a gallery consisting of L&T photos and fan-provided wallpaper and banners was added to lynne-tessa.com. However, when the girls appeared on July 25 on the BILD Online TV program and their website was mentioned on the air, the resulting huge influx of visitors swamped the PHP-based site. Furthermore, the site was not being updated in a timely manner, especially the news section, which was never updated after July 24th. At some point, the links to the L&T videos were also deleted, causing fans to flock to the forum for this information, where the number of threads exploded.

Additional problems also continued to crop up: The redirection of lynnetessa.de (managed by Mr. X) to Lynne-Tessa.de (managed by Mr. Y) did not work reliably. After an Statement of Y this was done by X after a strife with Tessa to show her his power. Y should update the direction, but had no access. Now one can see the tests of new designs at lynnetessa.de and later X decided to sell the domain.

By the end of August, it was clear that something behind the scenes was going on. lynnetessa.de went through several home page redesigns over a period of a couple days and then at the end of August an ad ran there indicating the site was for sale. Lynne posted in the forum, that she wants to buy the domain, but she won't get it from Y. At the same time, both Lynne and Tessa's presence on the Lynne-Tessa.de site began to wane and Tessa's Blog entries became less and less frequent.

Behind the scenes were the problems growing. X and Tessa had often the same opinion and on the other side were Lynne or Y alone. X, wanted to decide which videos they made. Lynne was before the driving force of L&T and so this gave an conflict. As an result the next videos were ideas by Tessa, but it were only 2 in a period of 2 months. Intern there were many strife so the light heartedness they need for new videos vanished.

Other strife came from the possibility of earning money with L&T. A first deal, not written down was to share all the income from L&T. Now X and Tessa only want to see that for the Advertise income, when offers came to earn money with presentations. Some of them found Lynne were disadvantageous for L&T and she did not accept them, so new troubles begun. Y saw himself as Manager of L&T, and as the first deal was not hold by X and Tessa he gave the Girls and X nothing from the advertise income.

Other problems came from the website. After consulting a lawyer they moved the Links to the videos to Lynne-tessa.com. (Which is officially a US domain, perhaps to avoid trouble the the GEMA, the german pendant to the RIAA). Later they vanished there. A contact form must be deleted when Lynne couldn't get her mails and fans told, that their mail was undeliverable. When they start a gallery people could make comments. But the fans prefer Lynne, and this made X angry. As an result Lynne did not publish new photos from her.

In the Forum there were many postings by various people against the work of Y. Most of them were impolite and nasty, and soon deleted by the Moderators of the forum. One of the People was "Karl Marx". Later he indirectly published in a posting, that he was the owner of lynnetessa.de, which is "X". His comments were deleted by the mods and X blamed Y for that. Some Mods quit the Job then they got contact to Tessa, who thought that Lynne told the Mods bad things about her.

The Servers often crashed under the great amount of people. Tessa saw the solution in taking the website offline. Y in a better server and forum software. Later he could convince Lynne to invest money in a better server.

Lynne was very active in the old forum and answered most PM, Tessa concentrates herself on the Blog and ignored the PM's, so Lynne soon was more popular than Tessa and X was more furious of her. To me Tessa told me that she don't care about the "Internet People". So she ignored their duty to be in contact with the fans in the forum. She often did not read the threads and posts then only a sentence like "He He He cool .... Lynne & Tessa"

Third Website

In mid September, the home page of lynnetessa.de changed to "We will come back soon." Then, on September 22, a new website was launched on this site, with much the same content as their initial website from three month earlier, but it also now included a completely separate forum and Newsblog.

The design of the website shows some failures and looked to be created very quick and dirty. The content was the same as 3 months ago in her first website, no extension what happen since then was made. The new admin had no experience in creating a website, in fact the websites were created by a friend of her. But like at the first design the admin claimed the copyright. So after a strife the friendship between the site creator and the new admin ended.

On that date, Tessa made an entry in her Blog on Lynne-Tessa.de urging the fans to move from that site and from lynne-tessa.com to lynnetessa.de. The reason, given a few days later by Tessa, was that "someone" on Lynne-Tessa.de was making money with the L&T name, while L&T were making nothing from the site. Most fans were quick to accede to her request, and move over to the new site. However, the forum was installed with a German-only language set, which led to difficulties for non-German-speaking fans. After several days, it also became obvious that Lynne did not intend to participate in the move to the new forum: An account initially created for her was quickly deleted, and fans began to question the reason for her absence.

At the same time, with most forum moderators now on lynnetessa.de, the old forum became essentially not moderated, and a growing number of spam postings, along with some obscene pictures, began appearing there. In addition, loyal fans used their accounts to place messages in each thread redirecting people to the new site while casting aspersions on the old admin. Thus, on September 27, Mr. Y elected to close the forum. On the same day, he deleted Tessa's post in the Newsblog, and replaced it with a message from the admin stating that there were "communication problems" with Tessa. On September 29, the Lynne-Tessa.de home page was replaced by a set of Google video players to each of the Lynne & Tessa videos.

About this time, Lynne made an appearance in a L&T chat room, hosted on a server external to lynnetessa.de. She stated that she did not intend to join the new forum although she would continue to frequent the chat room, but she declined to give any further explanation for her decision.

Vierte Website

On October 1, Mr. Y made another entry in the Newsblog, in which he stated:

I tried to answer in a fair way to the bad and untrue things that are said.
But my comments on lynnetessa.de were deleted.

I really don't want to discuss (wash the dirt) in public.
I only can say:

Don't judge unless you know the full story.
There are always two sites of a story and life isn't black or white ...

In answer to comments and questions posted by guests in response to this entry, Mr. Y alluded again to a conflict between Tessa and himself, to a general lack of interest on her part in the site, and to her ignoring his requests to OK his making necessary enhancements to the site to handle the increasing volume of traffic. On October 3, Mr. Y published selected parts of an embarrassing email from Tessa to him, later removed, in which she ordered him quite impolitely to delete his comments and his Blog entries. At this point most people felt the exchange had devolved into mudslinging, and that is the way things stand today.

On October 5, all personal pictures of Lynne, along with her bio, were removed from lynnetessa.de, leading most to conclude what some had long suspected: that the site was being maintained only by Tessa and not both girls. Two days later, Tessa wrote the following in her Newsblog (translated):

Hi folks!

In contradiction to the rumor,
"I would find back to my old rhythm", I can inform you, that I simply
wasn't able to contribute in the last days. I did (partially) read
one or another thread though - and I have to say: If you really
miss Lynne so much, why the heck don't you write a collective
"We miss you Lynne" letter or stage a demonstration? A wise man -
maybe he wasn't that wise after all - ... he said to me:
"It is not good, to become upset in the internet."
What is true, is true. But the problem is, I feel that I am more
or less being forced to answer for the current situation.
Even though that is actually none of my responsibility.
All I can tell you, is that I am very upset that Lynne
(to make it official) - for reasons whatsoever -
is not joining this forum and probably won't in the future. I
can't change that and I feel truly sorry for those, that felt
and feel close to Lynne. For those, who once in a while enjoyed
a nice chat with her or were glad about her comments to one or
another thread on the forum. God, this sounds like a funeral
speech - I don't mean it to be anything as grave!
Fact is, we do have - as artist call that - our "little differences",
that we cannot overcome.

For all those who can't live without her, I've been told, that
she still visits the chat once in a while - incognito... maybe
you'll meet her anyway...
That much to that.


So it now seems the serious differences between the two girls are unresolvable. It further appears that Lynne does not ever intend to participate and Tessa will continue to manage the lynnetessa.de site alone. The next day in her Blog Tessa said that she wants to keep the site alive and continue to write Blogs and join the forum.

Later Lynne answered in her Q&A on this Website:

Do you believe if you had not started the Lynne & Tessa video project
and/or your website, that you and Tessa would still have had a falling out?

The whole video thing was not, in and of itself, important enough to
destroy our friendship. One could say it was the catalyst, but it
was not the underlying cause.

The main reason is in my Eyes the influence of X in the L&T project and to Tessa. Now, some Months later nothing changed. From the website Lynnes Bio and Pictures were deleted. But a redesign, of which the admin told me, was not made. Since you find there no new content, (in fact the bio is form June) many new member of the forum did not know, that L&T have diverted some months ago. There was a meeting between the both girls, but it ended without an new start. Tessa blogs, the Forum is in Middle December quite dead. Tessa works now as an intern in the German newspaper "BILD" and in an advertisement company. Lynne is preparing for study at a university and is an intern too. Sometimes you find her in the chat, but both girls are beginning to live their own live, as they did before L&T.

In closing, let me describe how this site, lynnetessa-fanpage.de, fits into the picture: I initially created these pages for the relaunch of lynnetessa.de. The idea was not to perfect a graphical design, but rather to create an extendable website where the Blogs, gallery entries, and personal bios for the girls could be retained. When my design was not selected for the new site, I decided to bring it online as a fan site. Since it is now all but official that Lynne will not be a part of the lynnetessa.de website, I can state that I think one reason I was not chosen admin of the new site (Tessa never gave me an official reason) was that, in my opinion, a website without Lynne's participation was not viable and I won't work for a website where Lynne is not part of the team.

I contacted Lynne and could convince her to answer questions collected by me in the forum. Later I installed a web form for a contact to her and an action for greetings to Christmas and Birthday. After the flop of the TV show Lynne asked me to remove these form and she also left the chat.

You can find a copy of the homepage for Lynne & Tessa's first website here and a copy of the homepage for their second website here.

My special thanks go to Robert Stampfli for his help with the English translation of this page.

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