13 June 2010

Lynne and Tessa made a commercial Trailer for a new game for the Wii computer. As a side product this Karaoke Video was published.

18 Feb 2009

Tessa Watzik made an interview in an German TV format in February 2008 about her career as internet starlet. You can find the video with English synchronization here.

22 Jan 2008

Steffen Nork informed me that he plan to delete his old blogs form hos old website and I should save the interview with Lynne & Tessa. This was done. You find two of the interviews in english now here. A third interview is only available in german.

Tributes and Parody

Barbie GirlOne of the things Lynne and Tessa like is for people to make a parody of their parodies, or produce a tribute to them. Pointers to some of their better video tributes are compiled below. Lynne and Tessa are glad that they have inspired other people to make their own video clips and become more creative.

However, if you look on Youtube, MyVideo or Google Video, you soon notice another problem:\ People download Lynne and Tessa's original videos and then republish them under their own name. This makes it difficult for fans to find the original copy of the L&T videos. You can't see the the forest for the trees! Since Google Video sorts the videos by their publication (upload) date, the L&T videos are always older than the inferior copies re-uploaded by the fans. Especially from Tessa, you will hear no good word about these guys.

Author View in Browser Download
TG Can't Smile Without You Can't smile without you
Lynne & Tessa spoof Get Down Get Down
(Copy-)Cats Barbie Girl Flash Animation Barbie Girl Flash Animation
(Copy-)Cats Wannabe Flash Animation Wannabe Flash Animation
(Copy-)Cats Get Down Flash Animation Get Down Flash Animation
Cobra Lynne & Tessa Fan Video Lynne & Tessa Fan Video
ArchAngels Lynne without Tessa I've never known a girl like you Lynne without Tessa I've never known a girl like you
Andrew Tessas Slideshow Tessas Slideshow
Andrew Lynne & Tessa be together Lynne & Tessa be together
Andrew Obsession
Jonny Rico L&T Be together fan video L&T Be together fan video
steevjanpan Happy Birthday Lynne for laughs
Bernd Livin La Vida Yoda Livin La Vida Yoda
Bernd Ugly Girl Ugly Girl
Bernd I wanna Pfefferkuchen I wanna Pfefferkuchen
Bernd Auseinandersetzungen Auseinandersetzungen
Bernd Auseindersetzungen 2 The same Clip of the strifes at Clipfish with another music
Bernd L&T show Highlights Ein Clip der besten Szenen von L&T in der Clipfish Show

The first three of my videos are L&T videos overlayed with other music. I changed the music of original Lynne & Tessa Videos and replaced them by a parody song. So it is a parody of a parody. Two of the songs are form Weird Al Yankovic. The other is form the in Germany well known Comedian "Otto" and in German language.

The last two videos are very short, since the original sound was very short.

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