13 June 2010

Lynne and Tessa made a commercial Trailer for a new game for the Wii computer. As a side product this Karaoke Video was published.

18 Feb 2009

Tessa Watzik made an interview in an German TV format in February 2008 about her career as internet starlet. You can find the video with English synchronization here.

22 Jan 2008

Steffen Nork informed me that he plan to delete his old blogs form hos old website and I should save the interview with Lynne & Tessa. This was done. You find two of the interviews in english now here. A third interview is only available in german.

Lynne and Tessa

Lynne und Tessa

Since Lynne and Tessa uploaded their first video Barbie Girl to Google Video on May 4, 2006, the girls have attracted much interest and a growing number of fans. Lynne (pictured above on the right) and Tessa (on the left) are two high-school graduates from Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As you can imagine Lynne and Tessa are not their real names (the name Lynne is actually quite uncommon in Germany), and with their growing popularity, both girls have taken an increasing amount of care to protect their identities and their privacy.

On the pages that follow, you will find a short introduction to each of them, written by themselves. There is also a Lynne & Tessa FAQ, consisting of answers to questions put to them both, plus a collection of questions Lynne and Tessa each answered separately. Finally, there is a section about their cats, which they both adore, and short history of their novel "career."

Since there are three websites now calling themselves a "Lynne & Tessa Website," I have included a page about how the girls came to have three websites, and why this has caused some bitter feuds.

My special thanks go to Robert Stämpfli for his help with the English translation of this page.

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