13 June 2010

Lynne and Tessa made a commercial Trailer for a new game for the Wii computer. As a side product this Karaoke Video was published.

18 Feb 2009

Tessa Watzik made an interview in an German TV format in February 2008 about her career as internet starlet. You can find the video with English synchronization here.

22 Jan 2008

Steffen Nork informed me that he plan to delete his old blogs form hos old website and I should save the interview with Lynne & Tessa. This was done. You find two of the interviews in english now here. A third interview is only available in german.

Lynne & Tessa Applications

On this page we want to show you three small applications, which can be useful for you. At first there is the L&T Wallpaper Changer, which changes your Desktop Background periodically. The second is the Google Video Direct Downloader, which allows you to download any video from Google Video instead of being forced to watch it in your browser. The third is a tool to extract the videos of the browser cache. All applications were made by me for you.

Lynne & Tessa

Google Video Direct Downloader

From Windows, if you click on the Google Video "Download " button, you don't get a local copy of the video. If you have installed the google videoplayer it will start and stream the video, and then show it to you. But you can't save it on your hard disc. If you choose "manually download", you get a small file, but not the video.

This tiny program is a link between Google Video and your browser. It analyzes the small file you get from Google, extracts the URL for the video, and send this url to your browser. Thus, you can download the video via your browser. It works well under Firefox 1.5, Opera 8+9, and the Internet Explorer 6.

Note: If you are unable to view the video, you probably do not have the correct DivX codec. You can get this codec by downloading the DivX or VLC Players. Here you can download the Google Video Downloader (600 KB).

(To find out more about these programs, visit  my website.)

Browserchache Extract and Safe (BSE)

This small tools searches in the Cache of the Browser (supported Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera) after video files which were streamed and presents you to copy. You can select after Date, Size of Filetype. Then the videos were presented in a list and the selected were copied in a dir of your choice and named how you want it.

(To find out more about this program, visit my website.)

Download BSE (400 kb)

Lynne & Tessa Wallpaper Changer

Perhaps you like our wallpapers, and with so many of them it's fun to change them often. But, manually changing the wallpaper can be tedious. This tiny program places itself in the autostart group of Windows. Then it will be run everytime Windows is booted. It changes the Wallpaper periodically, at whatever interval you select. The directory where the wallpapers reside is settable, and you can use other wallpapers besides ours.

There are two versions of this program. The first is the program by itself. This zip archive is quite small. The other includes about 40 wallpapers from the author and is about 16MB in size. Since the programmer is German, the interface is in German, but it is really easy to understand since there are only three things to set: the directory where the wallpaper files reside, the time interval between changes, and whether the wallpaper should change at the time the program is launched.

Wallpaper Changer - program only, (400 KB)
Wallpaper Changer - with 40 wallpapers (15.8 MB)

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