13 June 2010

Lynne and Tessa made a commercial Trailer for a new game for the Wii computer. As a side product this Karaoke Video was published.

18 Feb 2009

Tessa Watzik made an interview in an German TV format in February 2008 about her career as internet starlet. You can find the video with English synchronization here.

22 Jan 2008

Steffen Nork informed me that he plan to delete his old blogs form hos old website and I should save the interview with Lynne & Tessa. This was done. You find two of the interviews in english now here. A third interview is only available in german.

Steffen Nork's first Interview with Lynne & Tessa

This interview with Lynne & Tessa was conducted by Steffen Nork on 24 June 2006. It is believed to the girls' first public interview. I publish it here with his permission.

Inside Lynne & Tessa - the Interview

Lynne & Tessa(Kudos to Rosi and Thomas for the translation since I had no time)

How long do you know each other?
We know each other since maybe six, seven years... It all started with running into each other after school (though not in the same class), sitting down on a bench together and had a chat... We were immediately on good terms, exchanged phone numbers - and suddenly became good friends.

How did you become aware of Google Video?

Hehe, yeah…. This Google Video thing... That was quite funny. Honestly said... Me (Tessa) paid Lynne a visit and wasn't in the very best mood this day. Well, Lynne started this "Tessa Motiviation Project" and put my tired body in front of her computer. Honestly said: the very first video I saw was one of Pomme & Kelly. However we really dislike being compared to them or even being cursed as "cheap blueprint" (a knock-off).

Of course there are similarities: we are girls, even two girls - and we lip-sync to songs as did they... But else?

Anyway... To cut a long story short: Lynne got aware of this Google Video stuff via TV - and I just cracked up and wound up rolling on the floor laughing. And then we were just like "hey, c'mon, let's do our own video!"

We would never have expected that this would so much fun... And so it came up that we're diligently working busy working on new songs.

How do you select your songs?
Selecting songs... Well it's pretty simple. We ask ourselves „which song has ear-candy-character and doesn't make people fall asleep in front of their keyboards?“ We have to admit that we're both pretty picky…

In the end the songs we select don't reflect our real music taste. In fact it's all just about having fun – also (or just) because of songs, you would normally never listen to…

Which songs can we expect next (please no YMCA)?
Well, next songs…. Hehe…. Good question. Maybe… You all want to be surprised, don't you?

Let's just say that we are going to try and do some cutting…. Look forward to it!

Which song would you never sing and which one would be too embarrassing even for you (Crazy Frog...)?
We would never sing songs with a real meaning to us and which - in our opinion - you shouldn't make fun of...

Neither we would sing songs with extremely bad lyrics or just no lyrics at all... such as Techno. Don't even think about it!

Tessa has a green iPod...
...Lynne has a blue one.

Any other Apple hardware (can't say why, but it seems to be important *g*)?
Apple Hardware… No. We are both avid Microsoft users (a cheer for Microsoft!).

Which Hardware do you use for your videos? Which camera? Any specific program?

For cameras we trust in Canon.

The Programes for video editing vary from time to time. Most times we just stick with „Movie Maker“, which comes pre-installed with Windows XP. That's because we just have to add the MP3, nothing more.

How many Takes you need for one Video or is it all spontaneous (see the well-known head nut-scene from "Move your feet")?
Haha! The „Head nut-Scene“…. Well, its all Spontaneous. Once we tried a second take, but that doesn't work, because you are always temted to do it the same as the first time. And the "Head-Nut" from "Move you feet" just happened by accident. Sometimes, we are amazed by our "good Teamwork"….

Do you take on any roles? Lynne, the one who does the acting, Tessa the one who fidgets?
We don't take on any roles, no. It lies, we believe, simply „in our Nature“, to behave, like we do:

Lynne always was the one with the facial expressions, totally different from Tessa. She is more the „when she walks, she swings her arms…. Instead of her hips!“ type . That's what she always does.

Are you,beside your Videos, active in the Internet(Flickr, Weblogs)?
Well, our PCs are mostly on and online day and night, but oddly enough we don't sit in front of it most of the time. Right now, we are trying to answer all those e-mails and post's in the Forums. But it's getting harder and harder every day. The Response is huge.

In this Spiegel Article you can read that the RIAA is going to proceed against "Web Karaoke", are you affected by that or did they write a letter to you?
No,The RIAA didn't write us, yet. Maybe we don't got their attention, which isn't bad. In fact it's pretty good. :D

Your "forerunner", Grup Tekkan, had a quick rise, because of their Internet-presence (even though it faded quickly) - do you think you will sit on Stefan Raab's sofa one day?
Oh my! We distance our selves from our "forerunners". That's complete nonsense. What do they have to do with us?

When we saw "Grup Tekkan" sitting on Raab's sofa we slapped our foreheads and thought "TV doesn't know how to entertain anymore"... Here you really have to say: "good bye!"

Of course we (too) hope to be allowed to sit at Stefan Raab's sofa and to press the buttons. That has style, somehow. It would be worse to appear between two Tatjana Gsell clips on "RTL explosiv" magazine. Or to be on one of Raab's buttons.

There are plenty of those Grudger's on the Internet - what was the grossest e-mail you ever got?
Okay, before we answer we have to say,that we get close to 100 Mails per day. Like we said the Response is amazing. (Thanks again!)
There are many mails like „You are hot“ or „Lynne,I wanna marry you!“ Some of our fans really make some effort and send us pictures of themselves and their dog and really make nice and respectful compliments.

Until now we have - you can hardly believe that - not received any email which would be offensive in any way. The only disgusting thing was one guy providing us some kind of "advertising offer". In the end it was just some kind of slimy partner agency. Until today we don't know *exactly* what he wanted... Maybe it's better like that.

One last question: do you love me?
Love? You? Your website absolutely! Your site got our attention a long time ago… Keep up the good work!

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