13 June 2010

Lynne and Tessa made a commercial Trailer for a new game for the Wii computer. As a side product this Karaoke Video was published.

18 Feb 2009

Tessa Watzik made an interview in an German TV format in February 2008 about her career as internet starlet. You can find the video with English synchronization here.

22 Jan 2008

Steffen Nork informed me that he plan to delete his old blogs form hos old website and I should save the interview with Lynne & Tessa. This was done. You find two of the interviews in english now here. A third interview is only available in german.

First Fan Website of Lynne & Tessa


Lynne & Tessa

Hello and welcome to the first Fan Website of the popular video mistresses Lynne & Tessa. The most important things first:

The era of Lynne & Tessa as Lipsync Video Stars is over. After their TV show was canceled following its pilot episode, Lynne chose to move on and has faded from the public domain. Tessa continued to blog on her website for awhile, but it appears she has now turned her attention to other activities as well. In any event, there will be no more Lipsync Videos or common appearances of the mistresses.

I started working on these pages when Tessa decided to relaunch their website as lynnetessa.de. Three people did concept studies for the new website and I was one of them. I concentrated more on writing about Lynne & Tessa, and collecting and presenting information and pictures of the two girls. My competitors spent more time on the graphical design of the new site and they landed the deal.

Since I had by this point invested three weeks of my time on the design and content of the site, I did not want to scrap it. Instead, I decided to turn what I had produced into a fan website. I contacted Tessa and Lynne and got their OK. Most of the content is mine, with exception of the Blog, the pages about Lynne, and the description of how they began making their Videos.

Lynne and Tessa split up when Tessa started their new website and, at her request, Lynne's biography and pictures were removed from the new site. I got Lynne's permission to publish these items here and I also convinced her to answer some questions from the fans.

What will you find here that is not on the official Lynne & Tessa website?

I think I have documented nearly everything about the girls that is worth noting. It is my desire that this website should remain as it is as a tribute to the video mistresses and a memory of the summer of L&T.

My special thanks go to Robert Stämpfli for his help with the English translation of this website.

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