13 June 2010

Lynne and Tessa made a commercial Trailer for a new game for the Wii computer. As a side product this Karaoke Video was published.

18 Feb 2009

Tessa Watzik made an interview in an German TV format in February 2008 about her career as internet starlet. You can find the video with English synchronization here.

22 Jan 2008

Steffen Nork informed me that he plan to delete his old blogs form hos old website and I should save the interview with Lynne & Tessa. This was done. You find two of the interviews in english now here. A third interview is only available in german.

A Brief History of the Lynne & Tessa Phenomenon

Lynne & Tessa

Here is a brief history of Lynne and Tessa, from the time they first met, until they reached their peak as the internet's video mistresses.

Lynne and Tessa first met about six or eight years ago when their paths crossed on the way to their respective schools. (They actually attended different schools.) They sat down on a bench after classes one day, talked a while and decided they liked each other, and exchanged phone numbers. From this one meeting, they quickly became good friends.

Fast forward to late April, 2006: Tessa, unhappy about something, stopped by to see Lynne, who became determined to cheer her up. Lynne had recently seen a TV news report about Google Idol and two girls from the Netherlands, Pomme and Kelly, who on April 28th became the first contestants to be inducted into the Google Idol Hall of Fame. After watching Pomme & Kelly's performance of Aretha Franklin's song Respect Tessa couldn't stop laughing. The day was saved and L&T thought to themselves: If Pomme and Kelly can do this, we can do it better! So, they recorded Aqua's Barbie Girl with Lynne's Canon camera in her living room and dubbed the audio track over their performance on her PC. Now it was Tessa's turn to convince Lynne to actually upload the video to Google Video. But, eventually she did and they entered their creation into the third round of webcam competitions on Google Idol.

Barbie Girl was Lynne and Tessa's first published video. It was put online on May 4, 2006. Energized by their performance, they quickly produced and uploaded several more videos. (Most of the L&T videos were made in the May timeframe.) By the end of May, Barbie Girl was solidly in the Top 100 list on Google Video, and the girls were quite popular in the Google Idol forum. Many fans wanted to know who they were, how old they were, and where they came from. Lynne, who was at the time the more active of the two in the forum, quickly became a moderator, since many fans posted in German and the other moderators could not read their postings and thus deleted them.

Bei You FMAs the public interest grew, Lynne and Tessa published more videos. Some competitors and fans were critical, saying "Hey, all your videos are the same. You don't use tricks, you don't even change the location or the camera view." But meanwhile their fans were focusing on Lynne's gestures and facial expressions, Tessa's dancing, and the fact that the videos were made just for the fun of it. That is the true secret to their videos - not technical perfection.

By the first week of June, a fan created a website, http://www.lynneundtessa.de, but it contained only a pointer to a few of their videos and no other content. After Lynne and Tessa both graduated from high school later in the month, they decided to start their own homepage, http://www.lynnetessa.de. The site was officially launched on June 21st. Both girls were quickly overwhelmed by the response of the fans. Since they were not internet-savvy at first they put their email addresses online directly, and soon were receiving 100-200 messages per day.

The initial design of their webpage was made with the help of an online tool provided by their web host. While trying to juggle the running of the web site and answer their emails, a "helpful fan" made an offer to create and maintain a good quality web site for them and they accepted his offer. The fan acquired the domains lynne-tessa.de and lynne-tessa.com, and installed a forum and newsblog on this .com site. Thus far, everything appeared to be going well.

In the next days the first interviews with Lynne and Tessa appeared in the online pages of several newspapers. The first was June 28th in the "Lübecker" Nachrichten, and for the first time the girls became known outside the internet community. Their first televised appearance was on the local German television show WDR. Scenes from their video were also published in the magazine Angeklickt.

By late June L&T's first and most popular video, Barbie Girl, had become the third most popular video on Google Video. During the first week of July, three of their videos, Barbie Girl, All the Small Things, and Livin la Vida Loca were on Google's Top 100 list. This led to more TV appearances, and their finding their way into the print media. On July 13th, Lynne and Tessa learned they had just won the third webcam contest at google idol.

Lynne & TessaOn July 25, 2006, Lynne and Tessa found themselves on the online pages of Bild, Germany's most popular newspaper. At this point, their website collapsed due to the high number of hits against it. A few days later they were again featured in articles in the local area of FAZ and Bild.

When Lynne and Tessa spend a day in the studios of radio station YouFM on August 9, 2006, a team from RTL made a video recording of the event. Here, L&T demonstrated that they had indeed been truthful when they said that they make all their videos without preparations -- they recorded the video Don't Let Me Get Me with YouFM moderator Andreas Bursche. This remains the only one of their videos that was not produced in Lynne's living room and the only one that employs a third person onscreen.

From there, Lynne and Tessa went to the TV station RTL for an interview, and in the four days from August 18th-21st, they were featured on Pro7, RTL, SAT-1 and RTL-2 (all programs belonging to the same media group). Many of their fans were angry at the perceived slights made by members of the German pop group Grup Tekkan who were interviewed and asked their opinion of Lynne and Tessa as part of the piece that was aired.

Around this same time, fans started noticing some strange goings on with L&T's website. As it turns out, with all the publicity, the Lynne and Tessa phenomenon was beginning to unravel. But, this is better explained in the the section The Battle of the Websites.

With the relaunch of lynnetessa.de on September 22, 2006, Lynne and Tessa split up. Ever since, Tessa has managed lynnetessa.de by herself. At Lynne's request, her biography and pictures were removed from the lynnetessa.de website. I convinced Lynne to answer some questions from her fans and I got her permission to keep her bio and pictures online here. On October 7, Tessa officially announced the end of L&T.

Today, the situation has changed little. Tessa regularly publishes her blog on the lynnetessa.de website, and was in December 2006 a intern at BILD, a popular German Newspaper. She also works as an intern in an advertising company. Lynne is preparing to begin her studies at a university.

In December 2006 / January 2007 both Girl moderate the commercial Clipfish Lipsync Contest, a video contest by a subcompany of RTL, the TV Group where they had many TV Appearances. Tessa told the community, that there will be no new lipsync Video from them and Lynne will not participate in lynnetessa.de.

My special thanks go to Robert Stämpfli for his help with the English translation of this page.

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