13 June 2010

Lynne and Tessa made a commercial Trailer for a new game for the Wii computer. As a side product this Karaoke Video was published.

18 Feb 2009

Tessa Watzik made an interview in an German TV format in February 2008 about her career as internet starlet. You can find the video with English synchronization here.

22 Jan 2008

Steffen Nork informed me that he plan to delete his old blogs form hos old website and I should save the interview with Lynne & Tessa. This was done. You find two of the interviews in english now here. A third interview is only available in german.

Clipfish Lipsync Contest

Lynne & Tessa

Shortly before Christmas 2006 after an announcement made by Tessa in one of her Blogs another video was published by Lynne and Tessa. This time they didn't act as lipsync talents, but hosted a lipsync contest, the one of Clipfish.

Clipfish is a German portal for videos, similar to Youtube and GoogleVideo. With those "giants" of the industry it can't be compared, it is rather meant as a competition to MyVideo, which is produced by Sat.1-Pro7 [a network which owns several TV programs and is one of Europes biggest,] while Clipfish is produced by RTL [another big network with several programs in Europe]. They want to earn money by selling advertisements. Copyright issues are to be avoided by the choice of the Flash video format. You can't store it directly, but everyone who knows a lot about the video portals can extract the videos from the browser cache and store them. How this works you can read in another of my articles.

At the beginning, Lynne and Tessa should accompany the "Lipsync Talents Contest" with 20 videos, about one every two days. "First prize" is a meeting of the winner with them both girls. Meanwhile Lynne clarified in the chat that this isn't supposed to be a candle light dinner but a sight seeing tour in Frankfurt with them.

After a month Lynne and Tessa announced that there will be another, a third, preliminary round, hence there will be more videos from both. The videos are still made in Lynne's flat, you can see more of it now.

They chat about good videos, which they think should be viewed and voted for. but also about many unimportant things.

Clipfish Chaos

Lynne & TessaThe way the Clipfish Contest ran couldn't satisfy them. Very soon it became apparent that the rules are rather strange: You can vote many times for an artist, every three hours again. First of all the votes are not for the artist, but per video: The more you put online the better. Up to ten are possible. This led to a many hastily produced videos in in minor or bad quality. This system and its consequences were criticized by Lynne & Tessa in their videos. So it was possible to achieve a lot of points with a little help from some "friends" in short time. To reach the second place in round 2 a total of 21000 votes is necessary. The first two of each round may continue, a third one gets a wildcard by Lynne and Tessa or RTL.

A little math: If you have 10 videos online and vote 14 days for yourself, with 5 votes a day (15 hours, so there will be enough time for other things, including sleep) and 5 points per video you need only 5 friends to achieve 21000 points. By this method the Forum of Lynnetessa.de pushed Piccina to the 2nd place in the first round.

But it can be done more effectively: Nevertheless suddenly a certain "Tommiye" was second. Within one night shortly before the end of the first round he got an enormous amount of votes, so that the allegation of "fraud" even has been openly mentioned by L&T in their video 9. Tessa refused to meet Tommiye in case he would win. But they had to remove this part of the video which was about the cheating. Furthermore the wildcard they gave to "Piccina", who was on place 2, has been ignored at first by Clipfish, instead they gave the wildcard to the "Gangsterbunnys".

This was corrected afterwards and the rules were altered, so that every account had to send a confirmation mail - no big obstacle. I can create 100 email addresses at my website. Votes without confirmed account would be deleted during the evaluation at the end!

Nonetheless this system is still faulty. At the end of round 2 "Beatle92" had been more than 8000 votes before "Guido19". Lynne & Tessa announced her and "sternlein1310" to be the winners - and the next day RTL respective Clipfish presented "Guido19" as coming in second. Later this had been corrected, too. If RTL had so many problems with the evaluation or if it takes too long, then until evaluation has been finished they should not present a winner, instead to name one and later revise it.

In the final round it came to an showdown. At first Sterlein1310 was leasing. Then Tessa told in her blog that she does not want to see her as a winner because she is more than double so old as she. In one Day the both next placed got so many votes that Sternlein1310 fall back on place 3. "Tommiye" told that he will left the competition and Tessa applauds for that decision in her blog. "Bassflower", on place 7 quit: official because people made bad comments about him. unofficial that his Brother "Dr.Proof" gets more votes. The finalist accuses each other of cheating. This brought clipfish to post a statement after the competition, that the rules will be changed for future competitions and that each finalists talked about cheating, but they did not find a fact for this statement.

This did damage first of all to Lynne and Tessa, as they stand with their name for a contest, which is unfair, has abstruse rules and in which cheating is possible. Accordingly the got bad comments, although they have no influence on the contest.

Accordingly their videos have changed, which should accompany the contest. While at the beginning you could see enthusiasm in their faces and they talked about videos they thought are good, now they just chat in front of the camera and talk about other things or even sometimes they did nothing. Just show their face.

3 Months after the end of the contest, the winner "Dr.Proof" had not meet the both girls. Officially because it is too difficult to get a common date for three persons. More likely it seems as they are not want to meet him, even if this means that they broke the treaty with Clipfish. Clipfish has his publicity and seems not to be interested what happens to the winner. Even Months later "Dr. Proof" said in his personal channel, that he never met the girls, and he never got a trip to Frankfurt which was also part of the prize.

Gossip factory

Tessa wrote in her blog entry of December 22, 2006:

"As the title of this entry already says, Lynne and I are getting closer again and for the next 6 weeks host the Lipsync-Contest at Clipfish.de. We come along well, but don't want to hurry and that's why Lynne will not be at Lynnetessa.de in the foreseeable future. But you can rest assured: We talk to each other again. And that even in a rather amicable way (see our video blog at the address mentioned above)"

The videos on Clipfish from them heated the discussion about a new friendship or even new lipsync videos by L&T. But you should consider:

  • Both are paid for the videos.
  • Both are very good actresses and are able to make a 4 to 6 minute video without showing their mutual resentments openly
  • Tessa has denied that there ever will be new lipsync videos. And since the above announcement of the contest there have no other announcement by her about Lynne (except in the video 19 of January 30). Also Lynne doesn't mention Tessa in the chat.
  • If you look more closely you can see things in the videos which indicate that there is a sort of tension as well as a friendship.
  • The appearance of the (months old) pictures on Lynnetessa.de is also no indication for a new start. Still there are no pictures of Lynne (alone) or her biography on Tessa's website (but by permission of Lynne here).

Lynne & Tessa

You should better stick to the facts and dampen exaggerated aspirations. The videos in my eyes are a very good soap opera in short, which they both could use to apply for roles in the movie business. (As you see in the next paragraph this finally worked)

At this time of writing there is nothing official which confirms a change of the status quo. (Written at End February 2007).

The Lynne & Tessa Clipfish Show.

The Lynne & Tessa ShowAfter the Clipfish Competition RTL had the Idea to make a little bit more than planned. Originally they should make a short TV report about the contest and the meeting of L&T and the winner. Now they decided to produce an own show in which the both video mistresses shows clips from their video portal Clipfish. Logically the show was named "Die Lynne & Tessa Show mit Clipfish". The date for Transmission was changed and shifts it to Whit Monday, the 28 May 2007. Lynne & Tessa were twice in Berlin to record the show. The show was aired on RTL2, one of the smaller Channels of the RTL group with no good reputation. The Channel is mostly known by Reality shows like "Big Brother" and Erotic Programs.

The show itself was a flop. The girls acts confidently, but you can't see the spirit they had in her Lipsync videos. And they got Victims of the Make-Up Stylist - In every self produced video they look much better.

Technically the clips had poor quality, even one Clip of them "Its not unusual" they used for the start and end of the show. An unsteady background produced "eyes cancer" (Tessa).

The girl acts good if you see its their first TV show, but they are now only moderators of a show, and the jolly acting you know from her Videos is missing. But without that every other moderator can do the job as good as them. And there was a strong competition on this religious holiday in Germany. So that happen, what should happens : The Show was a total flop. Only 1.7 % watched it, 450.000 Visitors. The show before had 1.25 Million visitors. The quotes was less than an Third of the average at this day of 6.5 %. 

The next Day Tessa started in her blog to complain about the RTL group and the production company. She mentioned that she and Lynne saw a preview and they share many critics of the audience and that they told that the production company and got the answer that it would be corrected, but nothing happens. She also complains about the Moderators of the chat who did not banned users who said nasty things about the both girls. As an result one of the moderators quit his job.

Now Tessa made the experience that there are tow different pairs of shoes if you do something as a private person in your blog or as an TV moderator in your blog. One well known Site, Qoutenmeter.de took up the blog and made a news out of it. Tessa tried to smooth the waves next day, and told that she didn't said something against the production company. But in fact all complains were addressed to the company because she is responsible for the content of the show.

Originally 4 episodes were planed, aired not in regular time slots.  After the flop of the show it is open how and if the following 3 episodes will made. For RTL seems at least Tessa a security risk, because she now took place again (after Clipfish) in the public against her employer RTL.

Lynne is even after the show not part of the website and only visits the chat once a week. Tessa talks about her from time to time, but only when she has to talk about common work at the show. So it seems as the friendship has not get back.

At the 25 June Tessa announced that Lynne and Tessa and RTL agreed together to produce no more episodes of the show. At this time Lynne and Tessa had left the Chat already and Tessa left her own forum too. The only thing that keep a little piece of L&T alive is her blog on her website.

Later the Webmaster deleted all pages about Tessa and all Pictures of her too from the Website, so the content is since then only the Forum, her Blog and a Link to the Chat plus some links to their Videos. Since then this website is the only one with Information about the girls and their short-lived "Career".

Clipfish on this website

On this site there is a page with links to all Clipfish videos and the transcripts (written copies of what they had said in the videos), dedicated to the English spoken fans, but also to the German fans, who have difficulties with the bad sound at Clipfish.

The TV show you find in the TV Section. There is a version with only the moderation of the girls with English subtitles too. In the press section you find articles about the show (unfortunately in German) and in the tributes section videos by me with the best of the show and the clipfish videos. And here it is: The Highlights of the Show (with Subtitles)

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