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Sunday, 8 Oktober 2006

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Well then, on to new deeds!


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Well then, on to new deeds!

Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Misc. translation notes: Germany has outdoor Christmas-oriented street fairs around that time, called Weihnachtsmarkt. In the U.S., alas, such endearing nostalgia has been largely replaced by shopping malls which are decked with ornaments the size of cars and trucks.

Well. This entry here will be short, all the while I am pretty darn sleepy - but naturally wouldn't let it keep me from reporting the latest to you again. So? What's going on? At the moment, actually not much, I must disappoint you. Lynne and I will - God willing - soon shoot a new video and put it on the Web. Unfortunately, I got asked the question, how was it in Berlin, quite continually in the past few days. Berlin was marvelous, but I have already noted that in the Forum under "News". A very beautiful city with delicious food. And you know (yes): I LOVE food.

So, apart from that? It is becoming chillier - I notice especially that Pinkerton climbs under the blanket instead of on his 80x80 cm giant-sized, pink-colored "My Little Murphy"- sleep pad. And my light blue cross-hatched flannel pajamas were quite quickly fetched from the wardrobe. Oh Jeez. But I must say, winter pleases me. I want to wake up tomorrow unconditionally and have Christmas. With a little snow. And lots of lights. And a heater and a few candles. Ohh, and I want to go to the Christmas Market. And eat cotton candy and gingerbread hearts! You know that? People walk around with those sweet hearts around their necks and then hang them on the wall for many years, without even a little bit of nibbling? Dreadful. After all, it's supposed to be eaten there!

Oh Well. Anyhow... I will probably have to wait awhile. But that doesn't matter. Tomorrow is another day. Perhaps I will yet wake up and imagine: you must use this teriffic weather for the ice rink. Or something like that....

In this sense: Niiiiight!


Ps.: "Blink 182" - "I won't be home for christmas"....

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