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To Blog. To Marvelously Blog

September 24, 2006


We are back from Berlin, and with a brand new website and a brand new design! I must honestly say that it might not be quite as well developed as lynne or lynne, so your design suggestions and input are welcome. The site is our own site and our own domain. As before, we have our own Blog where we can post whatever we want, without having to worry about someone censoring or deleting it. We have a new Admin, who I'm very pleased to be working with. (Say Hi!). Another reason we moved the forum is because we were concerned that the old one could be shut down by it's owner if it became unprofitable. Therefore I hope I can convince as many people as possible to switch. It's lasted a long time and we hope that it will only become better. Perhaps I'll become a bit more active in the forums too. Press on little bears!

Tessa. (translated by steevjanpan)

P.S. Yes, yes, I know, I have posted the same in the forum.... but hey, people, it is quarter to 10 in the morning!

By the way, the first music-tap for this "season" is: "Something Corporate" with "Good News"....

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