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What's annoying.

September 21, 2006

You know what annoys me? When the people from Sat.1 call an hour before and ask, if we can't quickly squeeze in a fuuuull interview at the last minute. Lynne unfortunately was indisposed, indeed I appear a half-hour too late - but better late than never - and stand for that destined hour of questions and answers... Naturally, I'm pleased like a fox that I will show up tonight on TV. And what happens? You could hear only about 20 seconds of my gossip. Oh, you know...that is too stupid. As I drive half the world nuts, thinking to myself, wicked stuff, awesome, that is exciiting - and then that. Well, what's the point of that? So, what hits the news next? Lynne and I have decided... To take a short time-out and once again do a little more together, going beyond video shoots and question answering - and hence drive tomorrow morning (quite impulsively, like always!) to Berlin. One night only, in a comfy hotel with breakfast. In this will accompany us two Canon digital cameras, as well as two Apple Ipods in blue and green. Wish us fun, ok? We'll bring back a few smart photos for you, for sure! Anyway, girls and youngsters... Have fun, meanwhile have a romp through the Forum threads (for me too, please, if it happens... ) and from that hails anew readiness! Best Wishes, Tessa PS.: Saturday night will be the loneliest night of all, for Pinkerton. Hach...


Music for the weekend: "Quietdrive" - "Maybe Misery"... because it's so beautifully apt.

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