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August 14th, 2006

OK then! Next week we will be stunning them on Pro Sieben [a TV channel] some time on Friday evening on “Focus TV”. So, tune in, OK?

The TV shoot was a lot of fun, a bit more merry than usual, very easy going ­ a bit of a pose.

Now a really great song that I can recommend for today: “Daniel Cirera” - “Motherfucker Fake Vegetarian Ex Girlfriend”.... Lynne and yours truly picked it up on the car trip home after the radio show. Really bitchin’.

Well, what’s new? The weather here is truly poopy and I saw myself forced to put on my winter bed linen. Really fleecy. Mhhhhmm... Really snug. Just the right thing for such shitty weather. And how are things with you? Have you seen any of the summer?

Tessa - “just won’t rub it in....”

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