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August 12th, 2006

Yowwh, after we spent half a day shooting once again with RTL we are now looking forward to the television report that will be broadcast in the near future (as soon as we have an exact time, we will announce it, of course). It was quite funny, a lot of lights, a big camera and many people who only have in mind making you look good to see and hear. Ohh, I can’t really get used to this somehow. What’s even more interesting, at the moment, is the following: I don’t know if it was already posted somewhere in the forum ­ ‘all the while’ (alldieweil), not being not such a forum-person myself, buuut: the well-informed among you know our “Get down” video. A few weeks ago a couple of crazy guys from God-know’s-where got the glorious idea to re-enact one of our videos. Oh man, you MUST see it! I am still completely rapt by these guys (in particular, the one who plays me ) and I find it simply great what they got together there. It’s fab, isn’t it? Here is the link to it: Get Down Spoof

....I could just kiss the feet of such „freeloaders“ as these, who use our name for their Google videos. (well, not completely... but, a little!) Minimally, I’d like invite them to share an ice cream.

OK, then, music for today: “Weezer”-”Dope Nose” ­ ‚all the while’ (alldieweil) - my favorite expression for today! - there’s shit weather outside and you need something to build yourself up a little. Things like this can make you sick. By the way, the song also fit really well for last night, when I had a really stupid dream: I dreamed that the boys from the band Tokio Hotel (I can’t stand them!) were standing in the scenery of the German film, “Christiane F. - We Children from Bahnhof Zoo,” as they came across me and told me that I should start snorting coke. They also said that no one would notice, if I had to use the toilet for the next 24 hours. And then they threatened to take a photo of my eyes, if I wouldn’t go along with them. And then Pinkerton, my cat, began chewing on my hair and I woke up ­ six o’clock in the morning, damn! I can’t understand it, this has never happened to me before.

THTH. (Tessa ­ hates Tokio Hotel)

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