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“Dear Customers. In the mood for some competition?” English.

August 9th, 2006

Haha... Does anyone know THIS sentence from a well known Swedish department store? Totally bitchin’. Anyway, does anyone feel like opening up a poll in the forum about what kind of mineral water I mostly drink? Okay, with Lynne we already know the answer... But... I’ll give you a few choices: Is it...

a.) ”Evian”?

b.) or “Vittel”?

c.) or, perhaps, Volvic”?

d.) could it be “Appolinaris”?

e.) or rather, “Aquarel”?

.... Weeeelll? I want to see this poll!

Moist greetings ­ and remember: you should drink a looooottt, my child!


PS: “Deep Purple”-”Smoke On The Water” .... Because it tastes so good!

Tini-Tuss. English.

Oh well, after our exciting day yesterday Lynne and I fell into a deep sleep ­ unfortunately, in my case, it didn’t last long, because at exactly half past nine my little tomcat was standing right in front of me and was biting at my toes again. Well, what should I do? Somehow I don’t want to be mean to him... In the meantime, I have become rather scratched. Oh.... Oh well, wherever your love falls... You also have to take some, right?

Today, specifically and in general, is about being FREE. That’s a really great feeling, although the previous days didn’t feel like work either. Its rather strange to explain all this, I think. But it’s also cool.

And a while ago I was in my favourite supermarket acquiring mineral water (weeell? How good do you know us? Can you guess what mineral water Lynne and I drink? And, does that interest anyone here at all! ) ­ and then they didn’t have this brand there at all. Can you believe that? I mean, is that really possible?

:D Haha... Ok then, I can already see that that is not such an exciting story... Well, what did you guys do today? Or what do you still have planned? Or both? In any case... the perfect music for today is “Incubus” - “Drive”....

Guys and gals.. Be alert! Note, you’ve been told!

PS: We need a moderator for our Guestbook... Please apply under “Comments”....

Tessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ­ ahhchhoo! (damn cold)

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