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Sunday, 8 Oktober 2006

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Sunday, 8 October 2006

So, Tessa is up to new deeds and writes another blog entry - just one day after the last!

First of all I want to thank you for the many - if not always supportive - comments. The repercussions are really amazing.

I'd just like to ask all those, that pose as Lynne in an attempt to pull anyones leg, to stop these time wasting games. It's not only not very funny - it's tactless and quite out of place. I side with one of the comments: "... it ceases to bee funny after the third time"...

Well, what can I say? I have read almost all of the comments and I can understand most of them, even though I'd like to delete some. The insinuation, my last blog entry reveals "envy", I reject strongly. I don't think it a very good idea, to devide uns in "good" and "evil". But maybe some people just have to, due to some inner force.

I personaly don't think I have to inform you, what we are quarreling about at the moment. I think, you deserve to be informed as to the fact of the breach - but no background infos. That is not only because I maintain it's non of your business. Maybe the fact, that Lynne wouln't want you to know... playes a certain role, too.

I strongly reject sentiments like "Tessa, probably your the one that has something to hide". I don't hide anything - I just make use of my privilege, to not keeping strangers posted on everything that happens in my (or in this case "our") private live(s).

I ask you to respect that.

Well, as you see for the time beeing, I'm gonna hold the fort alone. I think it fun - even though I'll probably keep more to the blog than the forum. I hope you don't mind.

Well, maybe Lynne returns - someday. The forum will stay a "Lynne & Tessa" forum, just as the domain says. And she already said: she's not totally out of the world....



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