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Hi folks!

Saturday, 7 October 2006

In contradiction to the rumor, "I would find back to my old rhythm", I can inform you, that I simply wasn't able to conribute in the last days. I did (partialy) read one or another thread though - and I have to say: If you realy miss Lynne so much, why the heck don't you write a collective "We miss you Lynne" letter or stage a demonstration? A wise man - maybe he wasn't that wise after all - ... he said to me: "It is not good, to become upset in the internet." What is true, is true. But the problem is, I feel that I am more or less beeing forced to answer for the current situation. Even though that is actually none of my responsibility. All I can tell you, is that I am very upset that Lynne (to make it official) - for reasons whatsoever - is not joining this forum and probably won't in the future. I can't change that and I feel truely sorry for those, that felt and feel close to Lynne. For those, who once in a while enjoyed a nice chat with her or were glad about her comments to one or another thread on the forum. God, this sounds like a funeral speach - I don't mean it to be anything as grave! Fact is, we do have - as artist call that - our "little differences", that we cannot overcome.

For all those who can't live withour her, I've been told, that she still visits the chat once in a while - incognito... maybe you'll meet her anyway...

That much to that.


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