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YouFM - Und was ist mit uns? :D - English

August 7th, 2006

So. Tomorrow we are this far. We will be guests for half a day on YouFM. For all those who don’t know about it: “YouFM” is a relatively large radio station with a relatively young target audience in Frankfurt. And they have a REALLY GREAT bill board with a little green star-man (don’t ask me what a ‘star-man’ is!) who holds a guitar in one hand and above him is written: “For us, every day is green!”

Really bitch’n. Very funny. Well, in any case...

You can tune in tomorrow... YouFM is ­ as far as I know - also present in the internet. Perhaps, that is also an option for all those who can’t get YouFM on your car radios....

In any case, we’ll be hearing each other later, perhaps!

And for listening until then: this time something toooootally commerical, very radio, but nevertheless quite fitting: “Beatles” - “Hello Goodbye”....


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