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August 4th, 2006

BILD Dir Deine Meinung. (= advertising slogan of „Bildzeitung“: BILD[-zeitung]: to you, your opinion.)

Oh yeah, Lynne has described it already. Such a strange thing. Us, in the BILDZEITUNG. You can’t imagine how strange it is to see your own face in the paper. SO strange. Well, unfortunately, I only realized this this evening. Thus, I had to slip into my coat fast, then shoes (today with little skulls on them) and off in my car to the next gas station. Well, and when I was already underway, I came right into the middle of a rain shower. Of course, I couldn’t find a parking spot near the door ­ so I got thoroughly soaked and frozen right through. Certainly won’t do my cold any good.... :/

And this afternoon I was wondering why the girl in the supermarket addressed me.... Somehow, I feel as if I am being observed.

Well, now I’ll treat myself to a nice hot shower, slather on a bit of Eucalyptus balm and then go off to bed my with mini-kitty and with the television on and a nice warm cup of tea in my hand let the evening fade away.

Until tomorrow, then!

Oh yes, my music tip for all those, who got just as soaked and frozen through today as did: “The Kooks” - “Belly Love”.... And also for all those who were spared the same ­ the tip goes without saying!


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