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August 3rd, 2006

Hallo! If you look out the window today everything looks like autumn, doesn’t it?

Yes, well then. How is my general state of being today? Oh, it could be better: outside it’s still raining most of the time, now and then you catch the glimpse of a ray of sunshine, but actually that’s barely worth talking about... Somehow it feels so nice and rainy and cool... Not completely winter, not completely spring either, and let’s not talk about summer... Rather... yes, autumn. I’ll stay with this one. It’s more than enough. Well, at least, you can sleep right through, once again.

Here is my music tip for a pseudo-spring day like today: “Spoon” - “The Way We Get By”.... It makes everything a little less sad, I think. And hey! Go for a short walk and say hello to your neighbour or something similar, hm? ... Or give the check-out chick in the supermarket a little smile, when you pay....

So, what else is new? Well, not much. Chocolate with whole almonds (I love almonds!) and a bit of a cold that makes it more difficult for me to taste the yummy almond chocolate. A sore throat, a cough, sniffles... Well, what else, autumn...


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