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August 2nd, 2006

Hmmm.... Rainy.

Hey! It is me, saying everything’s rainy, dull and okay. How is the weather over there?

Well, I don’t want to traslate all these textes in English, so maybe you should use a translator....



So, the French Revolution was a little bit less ‘Chill & Grill’... English.

So there. After I spoilt myself with a looooong and ample sleep, and following directly on from this, a really good breakfast with a cup of tea (I love tea!), what happens? - Its raining outside! And the new German spelling rules also piss me off. Pinkerton is sitting depressed in front of the window and doesn’t quite know why the sun is not shining ­ while my ‘one and only’ finds the rain and the coolness that comes with the rain really great... But, somehow... isn’t there a trace of insecurity there?

In and for themselves, sad grey days have something nice about them. Above all, Sundays where one can lie in all day in bed, watch cartoons and eat ice cream.... (Even, when on account of my advanced age, that happens less often. )

Ohh, so long... How is the weather with you?

And for all those for whom it is also raining, a music tip:“Taking Back Sunday” - “Cute Without The E”.... but best of all, the acoustic version. It fits so nicely to rain and to “looking-out-the-window”.... By the way, it also fits nicely to ice cream, to stroking cats and cups of tea. And to a nice breakfast and ample sleep.... So, listen to me!


OK, look here! English.

August 2nd, 2006

Yesterday our server crashed for a time. And what was the cause? Seemingly, something that we (once again! ) were not prepared for: rumours had spread that we were on the start page of Unfortunately, we could no longer be found there when I finally got to give it a geek. Unfortunately, there were no screenshots either... But, perhaps, it was an explanation for why we crashed.

OK, and what now: more rain!


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