Here you find some wallpapers, art work and collages for your desktop. Most of them i created by myself (you will see, that Im not an artist) but many i saved from the old gallery at

If you created a wallpaper or a piece of art and you want to share it with other fans, simply contact me over the Contact Form. Then you will get an email adress where you can send you image.

I will publish it in this section.

Here the recent new entries:

Lynne & Tessa Dreamy
Lynne & Tessa Sun

submitted by sensation
Lovely Lynne
in the woods Lynne

submitted by sensation
Lynne & Tessa
Lynne & Tessa

submitted by tenshi
Lynne, Tessa and Pinkerton
Red Tessa

submitted by mts
L&T über den Wolken
Blue Lynne

submitted by mts
Lynne & Tessa
Lynne Wild
Submitted by mts
Lynne & Tessa
one Angel
submitted by mts
Lynne als Kohlezeichnung

submitted by admin
Tessa Zeichnung
submitted by lynne
Lynne Zeichnung
submitted by szywester
Lynne sw
Lynne S/W
submitted by EmKay

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