13 June 2010

Lynne and Tessa made a commercial Trailer for a new game for the Wii computer. As a side product this Karaoke Video was published.

18 Feb 2009

Tessa Watzik made an interview in an German TV format in February 2008 about her career as internet starlet. You can find the video with English synchronization here.

22 Jan 2008

Steffen Nork informed me that he plan to delete his old blogs form hos old website and I should save the interview with Lynne & Tessa. This was done. You find two of the interviews in english now here. A third interview is only available in german.

About me and this Fan Website

You've no doubt explored this website, seen the articles and the pictures, and now perhaps you want to know something about its creator and his relationship to Lynne & Tessa. This is his story:

It all started in the early days of June, 2006. I think it was the 4th of June, since I noted Lynne & Tessa for the first time in my own Blog then. I had just discovered Barbie Girl in the Google Video charts and looked around for other videos from the video mistresses. I'm normally not a fan of such music videos, since I'm a bit older than most their fans (I'm 42), but I found their videos funny. I discovered that they had entered themselves in the 3rd webcam competition of Google Idol, and joined the Google Idol forum. There I had some discussions with Lynne, who was much more active in the forum than Tessa.

Even then , it was clear that the both girls had a large and growing number of fans. At the time I had also heard in the news that the RIAA had started a battle against such "music videos". And I tried to convince Lynne to find a legal way for publishing their videos. (I later tried this with Tessa, too, but without success.)

Near the end of June, they started their own website and I sent Tessa some suggestions for it. Because of that, the RIAA stuff, and perhaps because I'm not the typical L&T Fan and didn't ask a lot of personal questions, we began an email correspondence. Over the next months I had extensive contact with Tessa, but we mostly didn't talk about L&T. Until mid August, I had virtually no contact with Lynne. However, at that time Tessa told me that Lynne was looking for a good home for one of her cats, so I emailed her about that.

One thing that dismayed me from the start was Tessa's lack of interest in the website. Although I bombarded her with suggestions for the site, she took no interest in it.

At the end of August I noticed that lynnetessa.de is to sale. I contacted Tessa once again and offered my help with a new design of the website. I found this a better alternative than the commercial website they had been using that earned money with her names.

Besides myself, two other people also made proposals for the new design. Since I'm about twice the age of Lynne & Tessa I preferred a more straightforward, navigable, layout. I spent much time saving the existing details from the lynne-tessa.de website, including their collection of pictures, the blog entries, and the various posts of Lynne & Tessa, the latter of which I compiled into some articles.

The End of an Duo

Then the trouble began: I discovered that the new lynnetessa.de had been launched on September 24th without my prior knowledge. At that point, I had worked 14 days on my website design and most of the German side of the website was complete. I did not do this for fun -- I had received what I thought was a definitive okay from Tessa on September 10th that I had been awarded the job. Thus, when I discovered that lynnetessa.de had been launched using another design, I decided to create this fan site with the pages I had originally put together for them.

Lynne gave me Support and allowed me to use their photos and biography and answered Questions of Fans. Later she was reachable via mail over this website, but to avoid a massive mail attack she asked me to stop this before she started with her clipfish show. Tessa was not amused that there was another website and made propaganda against it on her Website. Lynne stands neutral, did not support either Tessa's or mine website.


In December both girls got the possibility to make money with her popularity, they make promotion for the clipfish web portal, a sub company of the RTL Group. Due to their good work they got a own TV show in which they talked about other videos. Official they are now again Lynne & Tessa, but they go private own ways.

For me that was the possibility to breakup with this. I always liked her videos and with them they touched the heart of many people. But they never will make any new video. They now work as TV moderators. So they can earn money and reach much more people directly. But then they are only two beautiful girls who make a TV show - nothing more or less - and for such moderators there a fan sites enough of the world and soon they will get more than this. This fan site should remember to the time where they were perhaps not so famous, and got not rich with what they doing, but they were the best in an total new kind of entertainment.

So i will add links to new interviews and TV shows. But i don't will add more content about the "stars" Lynne and Tessa.

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